Summary of Services Provided by AIS Risk Consultants


                Overall Rate Level Analyses and Filings

              Territorial Analysis and Filings

              Classification Analysis and Filings

              Competitive Analysis


                Analysis of Reserves

                Statement of Actuarial Opinion

         Self Insurance

               Analysis of Funding Level

                Analysis of Liabilities for Prior Claims

                Cash Flow Projections

                Analysis of Self Insurance Retentions and Excess Insurance

                Allocation of Funding Level Between Entities

                                    Confidence Level Calculations

                Calculation of Dividends on an Overall Basis and Allocated to Entities

         Expert Testimony

                Provide Expert Testimony in Administrative Hearing

                Provide Expert Testimony in Court Cases

                Assist Other Witnesses for Testimony

                Assist in the Planning of Case

                Preparation of Cross Examination of Witnesses

                Work on Briefs and Appeals